25 Oct


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21 May

Louisiana Mix Recipes – King Of The Cajun

Louisiana Mix Recipes-How To use The Louisiana Mix

Chef Ken give an simple explanation of what to do with the Louisiana Mix seasoning. This seasoning is full of flavor and has real nice zest! http://www.kingofthecajun.com/cajun-seasoning/ Excellent for bbq!

21 May

Blackened Seasoning Recipes – King Of The Cajun

Blackened Seasoning Simple But Exciting Uses

Chef Ken gives a simple description of what one can do with his gourmet blackened seasoning (King Of The Cajun Brand) leaving your mouth watering for these various dishes. Mmmm..Bon Appetit’ http://www.kingofthecajun.com.com

20 May

Cajun Cream Sauce Recipe-King Of The Cajun

Cajun Cream Sauce Recipe
Creole/Cajun Ken explains the many uses of the cajun cream sauce seasoning. This gourmet seasoning is a sprinkle for pastas, casseroles, mac & Cheese, pizza etc. This creamy, zesty seasoning is Louisiana gourmet at its best!

To purchase an buy this product log on to http://www.kingofthecajun.com/cajun-seasoning/.com OOweeh Now Dats Gourmet!

18 May

Louisiana Gumbo Recipe By King Of The Cajun

Louisiana Gumbo Recipe
When you taste our Louisiana Gumbo Recipe you will understand what true Cajun cooking is all about. Our Louisiana Gumbo Recipes are straight from MaMa’s kitchen. OOWEEH, NOW DAT’S CAJUN GOURMET! Bon Appetit!

This Cajun recipe is straight from mama’s kitchen. Let us help you create amazing Cajun meals with ease. OOWEEH, NOW DAT’S CAJUN GOURMET! Bon Appetit! http://www.kingofthecajun.com